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z-OLD-Smart Home Automation Systems

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We sell and install the most effective, most popular brands of smart home devices from dimmable smart light switches to keyless door locks and remote thermostat control – all programmable and easily controlled via the LiveSmart App. Relax and enjoy!

Smart Home Automation System

Welcome to the new frontier - the Smart Home.

It’s fun, safe, simple…and now very affordable. It’s also very “modular” – allowing you to start with a few basic things and add on later. We explain all that is possible. We also take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy.

By now, you probably know many of the cool things you can do:


Climate Control

With “smart” thermostats you can do a number of advanced, yet simple, things. These include: Remotely control the heat or A/C “from the road”, Easily program the temperature on a regular cycle with easy “manual override”, Trigger other events based on temperature – e.g., shades down, fan on, Receive text notifications when the temperature goes above/below a certain limit and also when the modes are changed, Monitor temperature variation over time.


Lighting Control

Controlling the lighting throughout your home is more than convenient; it allows you to program on/off presets based on time of day, based on events, or even set up a schedule to make it look like someone is home when you are away. We offer a broad range of products and designs – including elegant “capacitive touch” styles.


Motorized Shades

A great way to save money and time is to enjoy the convenience of motorized shades. No more pulling cords or closing drapes manually; just activate with a touch of a button. Raise/lower shades with the touch of a button on your remote or app or with your voice on Alexa. Have shades raise or lower based on times of day, temperature or even light levels in the room.


Smart Sprinkler Control

Adding sprinkler control into your home automation system is a great benefit. For starters, you can put in on a programmed schedule just like a conventional system – but all through software which makes it easier to change and can be done from anywhere.


Smart Pool Control

You can now have your pool filtration system on your smart home network. This is done with a simple 110/220 VAC load controller which has a “smart” chip integrated right in. This means you can control your pool pump with a single tap from anywhere.


Night Lights

These little lights are awesome. They simply plug into the wall to become part of your home network. In addition to providing temperature and motion reading, they can change color based on events in/around your home. For example, a red light can mean the mail has arrived. A blue light can mean a package has arrived. A green light means all doors are locked. Etc.


A great way to control your smart home is with an iPad mounted in the wall. This can serve as your own little “command and control” center. We place it in a convenient spot and keep it continuously powered so you never need to take it out for charging.