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Network and IT

Network and IT

We are here to help you with home/business network critical functions such as your router, switches, patch panels, cable clean-up, printers, WiFi, etc. From small to large projects.



Configuring and securing your home or office network begins with the router. A router is a network device that connects all your devices (PCs, printers, smart speakers, home automation) together and is the gateway to the Internet. As an improperly configured router can expose your internal network devices to external hackers, LiveSmart Technologies has an experienced Cybersecurity staff that can assist with configuring and securing your router.



In today’s modern world, most of our network devices are connected wirelessly. However, not all wireless communications are the same. For example, the most commonly used wireless communication is what we call “WiFi”, which is the 802.11 standard. This standard allows our smartphones, smart TVs, and office equipment to communicate with the router’s WiFi access point for both internal and external Internet connections. Another standard is 802.15.4 which allows communication between home automation devices. Both of these standards are understood and properly implemented by the LiveSmart technical team to ensure your office and home automation equipment are efficiently working together.



Data Encryption is the key to securing all the data communication between your office and home automation equipment. Leveraging the latest encryption protocols against your wired and wireless devices will ensure your data cannot be intercepted and viewed. LiveSmart Technologies Cybersecurity staff has senior level experience implementing proper encryption protocols at every device endpoint. Hence, true end-to-end data encryption is one of the best methods of ensuring a secure home or office enclave.


“Livesmart Technologies is your “trusted advisor.” We will listen carefully to your needs and get it all set up for you. This can be as simple as a few pointers, or your full “smart home guy” to program all of the events/scenes and ensure everything works the way you and your family want it to.