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My LiveSmart

The My LiveSmart (MyLST) community will be for those who want an “inside track” on security and home automation.  It’s an optional service – but one we think you will like.  We also will be offering “concierge” type maintenance services to keep your systems in top notch working condition. 

MyLST Community

Join the latest new community and keep your smart home system in top flight condition.

Member benefits include:

  • Automatic monitoring of your system’s ”health”
  • Automatic monitoring of your battery status on battery-powered devices
  • LiveSmart will replace your batteries for free (scheduled at a mutually convenient time)
  • Repository for all technical information provided to you by LiveSmart (think of it as a maintenance center for your system)
  • Be part of the “insider’s club” for new/emerging information in the smart home arena
  • Special discounts for add-on products

                                Cost – $175/year