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Advanced Security and Home Automation

Sales, Professional Installation and Service

LiveSmart Knows Products

LiveSmart’s product offerings are all part of a system providing a strong network, rich capabilities, ease-of-use and peace of mind with modular “building block” type functions. This allows you to “start small and build on later” – or – “go big” from the beginning.

Residental & Commercial Security Systems

State-of-the-technology wired and wireless systems for interior and exterior home and business location security. LiveSmart offers the latest in motion detection, keyless door locks, door and window sensors, remote and controlled access, controllable perimeter lighting, advanced video surveillance systems and much more to keep your home or business safe, repel intruders and provide you with peace of mind.

Smart Home Automation Systems

Turning your home into a Smart Home is safe, simple…and now very affordable. It’s also very “modular” – allowing you to start with a few basic things and add on later. We sell and install the most effective, most popular brands of smart home devices from dimmable smart light switches to keyless door locks and remote thermostat control – all programmable and easily controlled via the LiveSmart App. We take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy.

Home and Office Networkings

As more and more devices are IP-based and streaming of TV/movies becomes more prevalent, it is important that your home networking equipment delivers the best possible performance. We can assess your needs and provide equipment to fit your budget. We’ll then maintain it for you so it remains in good working order.