Use home automation to preserve your independence. Check it out.➜

Preserving Your Independence

As we age, things naturally become just a little harder.

  • What if we could get asistance with day-day tasks to make it a little easier?
  • What if we could see how mom/dad are doing without being intrusive and constantly checking on them?
  • What if this same technology could be used to help both my mom/dad as well as my own family to save money, energy and time to live smarter?

It’s never been easier or more affordable.  Enter the world of the “connected home” for you and your family.  Enjoy the benefits of saving money, energy with incerased security and peace of mind.  Plus it’s fun!

Why Is It Good?

One system...multiple benefits!

Benefits for the Resident

Preserve your independence with confidence.


  • Lock all doors and with a single button from anywhere.


  • Lock all doors and turn on/off lights from anywhere with a single button or the simple app.


  • Unlock the door from anywhere in the home after you are comfortable knowing who is there.


  • Be notified if any doors or windows are open.


  • Control sprinklers from anywhere.


  • Be alerted to any gas or water leaks that you may not be aware of.


  • Control beautiful motorized shades from anywhere.


  • Easy!

Benefits for the Caregiver

Stay connected to Mom/Dad's place.


  • Know the temperature and humidity levels in their home.


  • Know the locks are locked and garage door is closed.


  • Know the locks are locked and garage door is closed.


  • Know which lights have been left on.


  • Know if the garage door has been left open unintentionally.


  • Receive notification of any gas or water leaks.


  • Access cameras outside the house.


  • Receive an “All ok at Mom’s place” notification each night when they push the “Good-Night” button.


  • Easy!

Will It Really Help Me to Live More Independently?

Yes! For all kinds of reasons...

  • Feeling, and being, safe is essential for independent living.  This is a security system.  Not like the conventional ones, but with similar capabilities of intrusion detection, cameras and lights.


  • Having full control of your environment puts you in control.  And when you are in control, you are certainly less dependent upon others.


  • Saving money preserves funds for other purposes.  That increases independence too.


  • With control of shades, lights, locks and thermostats at your fingertips. you preserve steps and risks of fall/slips.  Plus you don’t have to ask anyone else to perform these actions for you either.

Can I Afford It?

It's a wise - and affordable - investment!


  • Managing your energy usage through automation and easy remote control will save you money.


  • Preserving your independence with a ‘smart home’ is much more affordable than living elsewhere.


  • A water leak can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  Better to catch the leak when it’s small.


  • Being healthy is cheaper than trips to the doctor or medication.


                            Check out our free etsimator tool to give you a fully transparent look at costs.