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Night Lights

Night Lights

These little lights are awesome. They simply plug into the wall to become part of your home network. In addition to providing temperature and motion reading, they can change color based on events in/around your home. For example, a red light can mean the mail has arrived. A blue light can mean a package has arrived. A green light means all doors are locked. Etc. A very versatile little device at a low price.

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HomeSeer HSM200 Z-Wave Multisensor with LED Indicator

HSM200 senses motion, temperature and light level and it can be programmed to glow up to 7 different glowing colors when things happen in the home. The unit is line powered so there are no batteries to change and it works as a repeater for your Z-Wave network. HSM200 is compatible with any HomeSeer HS3-based system, including the full line of HomeTrollers.