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Common Uses


Benefits for Renters

Do you live in a rental unit such as a condo or apartment?  Are you renting a home?  We’ve got you covered.

It’s now possible to have a ‘smart home’ even if you are renting or don’t own the building.  By employing certain techniques and carefully choosing devices, you can have a nice little security and smart home system.  Here’s how:


Let’s look at a couple of examples…

Example - Living Alone

Preserve your independence with confidence.

It’s bedtime and you are tired.  You head to the bedroom and there is a convenient “Good Night” button right on the night stand.  you press it and:

  • All the lights go off.
  • The front and back door locks are locked up.
  • The thermostat is set to your favorite sleeping position.
  • A night light turns “green” for 10 secs to let you know all is secure for the night.  It then turns off.
  • A text message is sent to a loved one saying “All secure at Mom’s place tonight”
  • Easy!



Example - Family

Ideal for families, whole automation lets you monitor and control your home with confidence.

You are headed out of town for the weekend and want to ensure that the house is protected and that you have control over everything important.  You press the “Good-Bye” button and this all happens automatically:

  • The alarm is “set”.
  • Indoor cameras turn on (if you want them).
  • All locks are automatically locked each night just in case they were unlocked.
  • The thermostat is checked each day and set to the “right” temp for vacancy.
  • Lights are turned on at night to make it look like someone is home.
  • You have full control over the sprinklers and pool in case you need to alter the settings.
  • Sensors will alert you if any unexpected gasses are detected.
  • Motion alerts let you know if there is anything unusual so you can look at the cameras, activate a siren, turn on lights, etc.
  • Full control and peace of mind!