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LiveSmart offers the latest in motion detection, keyless door locks, door and window sensors, remote and controlled access, controllable perimeter lighting, advanced video surveillance systems and much more to keep your home or business safe, repel intruders and provide you with peace of mind.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are becoming quite popular for homes as well as businesses and multi-dwelling complexes. Today’s systems have higher resolution and more capabilities than ever before. Let us help you with the best system for you. These systems are easy to use but can be difficult to install, which is why LiveSmart Technologies takes care of that part for you! We offer you expert guidance on:

Perimeter and Intrusion Monitoring

LiveSmart offers the new option of “Monitor it Yourself” (MIY) security. This gives you much of the same protection – but without monthy fees.
Conventional security systems are abundant and there are many choices available. The big decision is if you want to pay a monthly monitoring fee or not. Up until now, there wasn’t much of a choice. LiveSmart Technologies offers a new option of “monitor it yourself” (MIY). A simple system is modular- take only what you need from the list of:



The siren is a simple but very effective tool to thwart off prowlers if they get too close and try to enter your property or building. In the event that there is unwanted motion detected or a door/window is opened when your system is “armed” then the siren will be set off with a very loud sound. You can even activate the siren “manually” from your mobile device in the event you see something unusual in your cameras.


Video Surveillance

Probably the most useful and effective system you can install in your home or business is video surveillance with your own “self monitoring” capability. These very powerful cameras and recorders help to (a) deter attacks on your property, (b) allow you to see your building and surrounding aera in “real time” and (c) play back recordings from as recently a few minutes ago to last month.


Keyless Door Lock

No more keys necessary. These elegant keyless locks integrate into your home automation system for full capability. You can lock/unlock doors while away from home – say, to let in a contractor or cleaning personnel. You can also receive text messages based on who just entered, trigger events such as lights on or shades up


Smoke/CO2 Detector

These are just like your normal smoke/CO2 detectors but are “smart” in that they communicate with your home/business smart hub to greatly expand capability. From leading manufacturers such as Kidde and First Alert, these detect both smoke and CO2 with loud audible “beeps”.


Door/Window Sensors

Door/window sensors certainly aren’t new – but the “smart” ones are very effective. The integrate in with the home automation network to trigger other events such as lights on, shades and of course, perimeter intrusion. Simple, powerful and low cost. Very smart.



Floodlights are now “smart”. These can integrate right in with your home automation system to be used not just with motion but other events also as part of a perimeter security system.


Purple Air

The air we breathe is fundamental to our health and sense of well-being. With pollution and smoke from California fires, it’s more important than ever to know your air quality and take the precautionary steps. LiveSmart has now integrated this into the home automation system.