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Common Uses

z-OLD-Property Managers

Benefits for Property Managers

Remote management, automation and simple security systems are ideal for property managers.  Keep an eye on your buildings without having to physically be there.  Save time, money.  Smart!


  • Whole home control & automation.
  • Security systems.
  • Network set-up & protection.
  • All integrated, all customized.
  • Go big or keep it small…it’s all modular.


Let’s take a look at two common “states” of properties under management.  One system/app handles all of this:



  • The alarm is “set”.
  • Indoor cameras turn on (if you have them).
  • All locks are auotmatically locked each night just in case they were unlocked.
  • The thermostat is checked each day and set to the “right” temp for vacancy.
  • Lights are turned on at night to make it look like someone is home.
  • You have full control over everything in case you need to alter the settings.
  • Sensors will alert you if any unexpected gasses are detected.
  • Motion alerts let you know if there is anything unusual so you can look at the cameras, activate a siren, turn on lights, etc.
  • Full control, money/time savings and peace of mind!
  • The alarm is “disarmed”.
  • Indoor cameras are deactivated for privacy
  • Lock codes are changed.
  • The thermostat is under tenant control but is capped at extremes.
  • Tenants can still use whatever smart home systems are in place (e.g., motorized shades).
  • Remote monitoring still possible.