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New Trends In Home Automation

As home automation continues to advance, more and more people are getting on board with it. Automation technology promises a broad range of conveniences that you can enjoy at home or even remotely. It increases your control over your home security and helps you save time and electricity. In addition to this, there is so much more you can do with automated facilities.

Home automation is expected to flourish in the coming months and years, and we at LiveSmart Technologies don’t doubt that. In fact, based on our observations of the current market for automation solutions, we expect to see the following three trends in home automation.

1. Home automation (aka the “smart home”) will continue to grow and expand

The technology is improving considerably, and more and more devices will be available to help make life simpler to save time and money. People are also getting more comfortable with smart technology and becoming aware of the capabilities it offers. It will no longer be seen as something only for the wealthy. Whether from an “app” or voice assistance such as Alexa, more of us are getting comfortable with it and will be using these systems.

Initially, people will make small upfront investments in home automation. This will save them time and money. Next, they will see the value in starting small and building on the system with new capabilities. For example, a client may start with a simple system to control certain lights and a thermostat when away from home. Later, they will add on a pool controller, locks, and party lights. They will want a system that can “expand” to fill their needs and budgets. Solution providers will be able to assess these needs, make suggestions and service the business or family accordingly.

This is a positive trend as it will help us grow, provided we can adapt to the needs and concerns of clients. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), for example, there could be greater concerns on cybersecurity, and solution providers (like us) will need to have answers for these threats. We will have to be ready with FAQs and answers to people who are nervous about hacking and eavesdropping. We will also have to “step up” our service and maintenance plans.

Sometimes, the cyber concerns may be exaggerated, but it could keep some people on the sidelines for a while. In the end, most consumers will overcome the concerns and feel the rewards outweigh the risks.

2. The value of IT will increase

As smart home technology grows in demand, people will see the role IT plays in their homes and value those companies that are willing to be a total IT provider and not just a little part of it. For example, a smart home provider may need to help a client with the WiFi and not leave the client to solve them independently. Taking care of the client as a ‘“one-stop-shop” will have value to some and be worth monthly fees. This could also be thought of as “service bundling.”

They will benefit from not being handed off from one provider to another and have few companies to deal with. To meet this trend, businesses like ours will need to be knowledgeable and willing to work out problems on behalf of our clients. We will also need systems and tools to handle their requirements. However, with this comes revenue opportunities. We can charge monthly or annual fees for this type of increased service but will really need to become smarter on complete home automation systems – to include the Internet capabilities and cloud options.

As clients become more conscious about IT and start to demand comprehensive services, we will see a positive change, especially for those willing to step forward and learn. Those who do not want to learn could see reduced business from competition who is willing to take on the new challenges.

3. Conventional companies will engage in smart home technology

While home automation continues to receive growing attention, more conventional companies will get involved in smart home gadgets and technology like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. They will bundle this with other services they provide and make it look very attractive to consumers.

They will have more choices to offer and engage in a lot of advertising so they can get across their cheaper options. As automation specialists, we will have to work harder and explain the differences between Do It Yourself (DIY) providers and integrators. We will also have to spend money on advertising and social media to explain these differences. We believe that hardware providers will do well as they have more companies to sell to.

There is the potential that integrators and installers could get crowded out by the large companies. However, oftentimes larger companies will be less forgiving, whereas the smaller integrator and installers are more understanding and remain closer to their customer base. This could put pressure on the hardware providers and large companies.

With regards to this trend, we believe that there will be some negatives here. For example, clients may contact integrator(s) or installers to set up systems they bought elsewhere (for example, from Costco). The integrators or installers will have to make a decision if they want this type of business or not. These items are not just like a dishwasher or garbage disposal where they all work in the same way. Installers cannot learn every possible manufacturer’s software as there are differences. This could put some stress on the relationships between clients and current integrators and installers.

Bottom Line

Based on the trends we covered above, the coming years will be exciting but with several advances and opportunities. The good news is that customers will benefit from the expanding smart home technology. Similarly, with businesses trying to increase the level of service offered, they will see many advantages over time. There will be a few challenges along the way as well, especially for automation system integrators, suppliers, and other businesses in this industry. The challenges will include more competition and higher expectations from clients.

If you’d like to know more about the future of smart home technology, reach out to us at LiveSmart Technologies. We are a premier home automation and security integrator and installer for Southern California. With over130 years of experience in solving technological challenges, we always find solutions to problems. We make every effort to deliver simple, yet feature-rich, capabilities. You will also be happy to know that we are continuously updating our technology to ensure you receive the highest level of quality and convenience

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