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Case studies on Residential - Home – Placentia, CA

A couple from Placentia contacted LiveSmart Technologies after seeing our response to their inquiry on Thumbtack. They had an analog camera surveillance system and wanted to “upgrade” it. We outlined two options: (a) Provide an upgraded analog system, or (b) Replace with a digital Power Over Ethernet (POE) system. The clients smartly chose the digital system.

What made this interesting is that they wanted no exposed cable anywhere. We quickly determined that we could use the existing analog lines to pull the new Ethernet lines through. The end result was a pristine install with all cables hidden.

Their other interesting aspect was that they also had “covert” cameras – in the form of ones that look like motion sensors and also one that we dubbed a “pinhole”. They wanted these replaced with digital ones to preserve the look

. LiveSmart Technologies set to work on both of these – and ensured they were compatible with the Q-See 16-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). The good folks at Q-See bent over backwards to support us and ensure we had the proper configuration settings for these off-brand cameras.

The end result was a happy client – now the proud owner of 14 cameras, mixed among four (4) different types: Bullet, Dome, Covert Motion Sensor and Covert Pinhole.

Not all security installers would go to this length to find just what the client needed. Once again, the strong partnership between LiveSmart Technologies and Q-See made this happen. They are a tremendous group and we are proud to be an installer and integrator with them.

By the way – the clients are fantastic people and it was a pleasure to work for them. After the cameras were done, we had the honor of also providing them a small home automation system to control their tankless water heater “on demand”. They left us a nice Yelp review shown below.