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Case studies on a Church

Church, Orange, CA

This is a church in Orange, CA who values the safety and security of its members. They hired LiveSmart Technologies to upgrade the entire system to full digital Power Over Ethernet (PoE) high resolution cameras – 8MP each.

In all, there were 56 cameras installed in/around the church. This was no small job — and involved trenching concrete and grass to route the Ethernet through conduit. There were even cameras installed at the front gate to catch license plates.

A special twist was joining a neighboring school to the video surveillance system. We accomplished that with a 5 GHz Ubquity link to eliminate the need to run cables which was a much cheaper and more aesthetic solution.

We also installed a professional rack of equipment in the “monitoring center” along with HD TVs screens so their staff could easily monitor all floors/rooms simultaneously. Additionally, we created special “views” for them tailored to their specific preferences. Key personnel were provided access over their mobile phones so they can keep tabs while away from the church grounds. LiveSmart Technologies then held a training session with the staff to ensure all were acquainted with how to use the system properly.

Following the successful installation of the video surveillance system., we provided security door locks and a customized “app” on their iPhones. Unique 4-digit codes were programmed in and the app allows them to change those over-the-air as personnel change.

Confidentiality and privacy are important so we won’t list the name or address of the church. However, they have been quite satisfied and happy to provide a reference. We take security seriously and would accord you the same respect.