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Common Uses


Case studies on Apartments

Apartments and multi-dwelling complexes can sometimes pose special challenges for security cameras and home automation systems due to the “decentralized” nature of the living units relative to the central office location. Fortunately, we can deal with this.

For the cameras to record, they need to be connected to the Networked Video Recorder (NVR) which is generally positioned near the Internet router. This can be in the central office or other locations in the complex (such as a utility room). Ethernet CAT6 lines need to be run from there to each camera which sometimes means under concrete (think sidewalks and alleys) or flowerbeds.

This is doable but another way is to set up simple, low-cost wireless links to transmit the video signal. This can often be cheaper than running cable.

Another option is simply to divide the complex into “sections” and install a dedicated NVR in each – which is exactly what we did in a Lakewood complex. There were two monitoring stations with two Internet feeds…yet the monitoring software “joined” them together so they appeared as one system.

This was an example of LiveSmart Technologies working with the client to find the lowest-cost workable solution. It’s what we do.