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Backing Up to the Cloud

IC Realtime delivers the next revolution in video security, and as a nod to the elephant’s legendary memory capacity, we named her “ella.” It is IC Realtime’s most compact, fanless case Ai video search engine appliance.

As anyone with a cell phone knows, a lot of cutting-edge technology can come in a small package, and our ella appliance is another gleaming example of that concept.

Compact but mighty, this small device uses built-in Artificial Intelligence (Ai) & Deep Learning machine algorithms to make your video security more efficient, easier to use, and more human-friendly.

It can handle 3 video streams @ 2mp or 2 video streams @ 4MP.It’s more than just a cloud storage stream box; an Ai assisted search engine, or a network load reducer. Ella is an optimized implementation of all three concepts – in one tiny package that makes your video security into the fast, efficient resource it was always meant to be.

The ella appliance starts the magic by analyzing it’s enrolled video streams, then creating & encoding “meta-tags” for what it sees directly in each video stream.

Like an integrated multi-channel video guru, ella watches everything, noting what it sees in “meta tags,” and streaming the combined video and metatags to off-site storage.

As part of IC Realtime’s “video ecosystem,” ella is also flexible. Although optimized to work with IC Realtime’s cameras & recorders, ella also shares IC Realtime’s cross-platform, inclusive capabilities, which means it works with all cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and VMS systems that support standard H.264 RTSP video streams.

Not only does ella future-proof your video security, as soon as you install it, ella dramatically lowers your network loads. It takes off-site video storage to a new level.

But as advanced as ella is out of the box, it’s her machine learning capabilities that make her the ideal security employee. The more you use & train her, the better it gets at doing its job. Not just a simple machine, ella learns & grows with you to meet your needs today and on into the future.

Metatags are added by the ella appliance in real-time to each assigned camera’s video stream during recording, so sorting through hours of video becomes a 15-second task using regular language search terms such as “red truck” or “Man with a black shirt.”

Always learning, ella hones its skills as it monitors your camera streams, growing with your needs and guidance over time. Guided by your average language searches, ella customizes itself to your needs and offers configurable intelligence levels for each analyzed stream. As if somebody’s eyeballs & brain memory neurons came computerized, this is how they would work.

The ella appliance can install in less than a minute on new or existing camera systems to bring a whole new level of cutting-edge video search capability to your “personal reality.”

Missing a UPS package? Ask ella: “Show me all the people in brown shirts from last week,” and voila – it finds and displays them for you. It can even recognize logos like FedEx and Pizza Hut. Have a problem at work with visitors & employees “tailgating” through security and not checking in at entrances because someone held the door open for them? Ask ella: “Show me all the tailgating at building entrances,” and see where that happened so you can remind employees that security is everyone’s job.

To get this level of personalized security, you used to have to hire a security guard. But ella can do all that with no sick days, no workers comp, and no payroll. Today, your new video security professional is a “robot” named ella, and it watches every assigned camera all the time for as low as $7 per month.

IC Realtime’s ella securely stores your video off-site, applies machine learning to distill & embed metadata in that video, and then organizes it to respond in seconds to your normal language search inquiries.

If you need the most advanced, cost-effective, Ai assisted camera monitoring system on the planet, ella is your cloud-based answer.