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The quality of the air we breathe can significantly impact our lives, particularly right now with the pandemic still in play and people growing more aware of the importance of air quality. Interest in air quality monitoring is peaking across the area. Low-cost air quality sensors are a relatively new technology that measures specific air pollutants, typically particulate matter and some gaseous pollutants, and cost much less than traditional air quality monitors. These low-cost air quality sensors are becoming increasingly popular with citizen scientists and community groups that are trying to measure air quality conditions near their homes and in their communities. To provide you with an indication of the air quality in the area - especially helpful in California during fire season, the experts at LiveSmart Technologies want to introduce you to PurpleAir AQI, a low-cost air quality sensor.

PurpleAir is a WiFi-based sensor and reporting product. It is a simple device that is placed either indoors or outdoors on your property. It will measure the Air Quality Index (AQI) and report it to a website and mobile app. This can provide you with the AQI when you are remote from the area. For example, if you have a second home or remote business and wish to know the air quality before you visit, this device can be helpful.

The data comes from the low-cost commercial sensors the company sells, which members of the public install on porches, in yards, and other neighborhood sites. The results picked up by the PurpleAir sensor can be viewed on a computer or mobile device where users can toggle between real-time data and readings averaged over the last ten or thirty minutes. The readings can be helpful for people deciding whether to go for a walk or engage in other outdoor activities. PurpleAir’s devices rely on a laser to count the particles in the air and use an average density to determine air quality at the sensor’s location. However, the calculation is an estimate, especially during fire season, as wood smoke particles have a different density from gravel dust or other pollutants.

With a simple one-time investment of about $400, you can keep track of air quality in any area you choose - whether you are present or far away. This can allow you to make educated decisions about your health and safety as well as that of your loved ones. There are simple steps to install the PurpleAir sensor, or LiveSmart can do it for you. Customers can purchase the device directly through the PurpleAir website, or LiveSmart would be happy to provide and install it. While there are websites that give the AQI in the general area, the PurpleAir product will offer you the AQI at the exact location you are interested in, and this is why we recommend it.

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