In last month’s blog we talked about how you can incorporate a smart home system into your kitchen. But that’s just the beginning. The living room is the main entertainment and relaxation spot in the home for many people. You want it warm, comfortable, and fun. Here are a few ways to do make it that – easily and affordably.

First and most obviously is a smart thermostat. Once you have it, you generally won’t touch it because you will control it either automatically through a schedule, Alexa, or a phone app on your mobile device. A simple “Alexa, turn up the heat to 72 degrees will take care of it. Nice, right? We take of all the set-up to make that happen.

Then there are the lights. Whether they are overhead “can” lights, lamps, or fun party lights, you can control them with your mobile phone or again with Alexa. How about Alexa, turn on the living room light and set them to blue.” You guests will love that one.

For even more smarts, you can have shades or blinds that are controlled automatically by the light or temperature in the room, or just the time of day. This can reduce your energy bills and just make life easier for you and the family.  

Almost anything electronic in the living room can be made to operate “smartly.” We have package deals for this and as we always suggest – start small and add on later if you’d like to try it out for awhile.

Next month we’ll look at creating a smart bedroom.