Happy Independence Day

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Wishing you and your families a very restful and enjoyable July 4 holiday!

The LiveSmart Team

Happy Memorial Day

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Wishing you and your families/friends a very restful and enjoyable holiday weekend.  We pay tribute to those who have sacrificed through the years.

The LiveSmart Team

Ever Need to Reboot the Router?




We all have. Maybe you just do it yourself. Maybe tech support tells you to. But what if it just did it automatically – or – with a tap of a button on your app?

It’s doable. No more reaching behind the router to find the plug, pulling it out, waiting for 10 secs and putting it back in.  We just use a smart plug connected to the LiveSmart system and schedule it once a month/week/day – or on command.  Pretty nifty, eh?  Contact us…we’ll show you how.  Better yet, we’ll set it up for you!

“Alexa – turn on the kitchen light”

Coming home from a long day, your arms filled with groceries, it’s dark and you need the light on to set the groceries down – but have no hands available.  “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light”.  She says “ok” at the same time the light is on.  Groceries are laid down, put away and then a glass of chardonnay awaits.  Smart…and now available.

With a home automation system installed, you can add Alexa as a voice overlay.  Turn on/off lights, raise/lower the shades, turn on the TV or radio and lock the doors – all with your voice.  This is in addition to all the other great things you can do with Amazon’s Alexa – check the temperature, play the news, check the game scores and learn interesting facts.

LiveSmart and Alexa and made for each other!

Say Hello to Good-Night

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Ending the day should be easy.  With a single button you can turn off all lights, lock all doors and adjust the thermostat to your liking.  This could include appliances too – such as the TV, radio or anything else that is “plugged in”.  One single tap on your mobile device and it’s done.  You tell us what you want…we take care of the rest.  Easy.


Home Automation is Hip

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We have been telling you that home automation is all about “living smart” – which it is.  Did you know that it’s also considered “hip”.  Having a system like this puts you in charge and keeps you connected with the important things in your home or business.  You will have fun showing it off at work, with family or at parties.  “Watch what I can do…”.

Our new ‘app’ is even easier to use and more stylish.  Things are summarized at the Dashboard level with easy access to everything you need.  Change the thermostat…tap.  Lock the door…tap.  Turn on some lights…tap, tap.  See all the actions in a simple Event History screen.

You’ve been hearing about smart home stuff.  It has been the wave of the future and now it’s here.  Let us show you how you can use it.  Live simple, Live safe, Live smart.



Happy Birthday, America

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We at LiveSmart want to wish you and your families a joyous and restful July 4!

         Gary Russell – Founder/President, LiveSmart Technologies

Just 4 Fun

We have been writing about some important topics recently…security, energy savings and preserving independent living.  Pretty important and serious stuff where home automation can play an important part of our lives.  However, the same technology can be used for convenience and fun.  During the month of April we’ll be telling you how.  Just like the other segments, using home automation for convenience and fun is affordable too.

Home Automation is Very Affordable

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Many times we hear that people associate home automation with “expensive” or “only for upper end homes”.  Really not true.  Having a smart home system no longer needs to cost you thousands of dollars.  LiveSmart offers state-of-the-art products at very affordable rates and will work within your unique budget.  Get started with a home automation or security system for as little as $400.  You can then add on later.

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As part of getting the word out on LiveSmart, we are launching our Facebook and Twitter campaigns this week.  Following a brief period on general news, we will rotate through the various home automation segments:  Security, Energy & Comfort, Independent Living and Convenience & Relaxation.  In these posts, we’ll discuss tips and educational aspects of living smart in your home and business.  Please let us know what you think so we can better address your interests and needs.  Look for us on Facebook and Twitter…both links are provided below.