Smart Energy Solutions for the Holidays


Temperature Control

As the summer turns to fall in southern California, demand changes in our household  energy usage.  The Santa Ana winds may actually invoke our AC usage more to avoid opening up windows to the smoky air.

We may also start selectively using the heat a little.

Soon, however, we’ll use it more frequently and then winter will be here. Which means we’ll want to increase the control the temperature now and often times while we’re away.

Screen shot of LST Thermostat Control screen

Previous blogs have discussed that we can do this with an easy “tap” on the iPhone or tablet, but now you can do it with with voice commands.  So you can close up the house before you go to work and make adjustments later throughout the day.

This saves energy and gets you to work on time.

Smart Lighting

It’s also getting darker earlier so we may use our lights more.

The data indicates that a well lit home is the best way to protect your home from burglary and now that starts earlier in the evening.

In addition to switching to LED lights to reduce energy consumption, having lights programmed to turn on at sunset is both a practical and safe way to protect your home and conserve energy.

This can apply to indoor lights also.  You can have certain ones turn on automatically in the evening and off when you normally go to bed.  Or combined with a smart lock, you canprogram the kitchen lights to automatically when someone comes home after dark .

Of course, all these lights can be controlled from the App or with voice commands through Alexa.  All very reliable and simple to use.

“Alexa, turn off kitchen lights”

Security Features

The use of home automation technology is both smart and fun.  It can seem scary or expensive but the truth is that it’s quite common and safe with security measures built right into the devices.  

Programing and controlling things is easy and we are now interacting with our home in new and different ways than the conventional physical controls (e.g., the physical light switches or the thermostat on the wall).  They are still there for us to use but may not be the primary way we control things.

It saves energy which is both good for the environment as well as our household expenses. 
Great ways to live smart.

4 Ways Home Automation Can Save Energy

Live Smart By Saving Energy

living room live smart

Stay Cool – Save Money

A reminder that with the current heat in Southern California, staying cool while saving money is more important than ever.  A simple starter system gets you the ability to control your thermostat remotely so that your home is cooling down before you get home.  And…if your plans change, you can adjust that thermostat while “on the road” so that you aren’t wasting energy when no one is home.

We have a summer special going for this system.  Thermostat, hub and mobile app for under $400 – installed.


Happy Independence Day

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Wishing you and your families a very restful and enjoyable July 4 holiday!

The LiveSmart Team

Cool the House Automatically

Our focus on energy savings continues with a nifty idea to have fans come on automatically based on the environment.  Here’s how it works:  We simply monitor the outside temperature (based on your zip code) and your inside temperature (based on the thermostat).  When the outside temp drops below the inside temp, the fan comes on to draw the outside air in and circulate through the house.  We can even check to ensure a few windows are open to draw in the outside air before activating the fan.

Pretty cool (so to speak) and not very expensive.  We’ll put a special package together for you.  Check it out at

Beat The Heat

Summer is here and it’s getting hot.  You want your home cool when you’re there but don’t want to spend extra dollars to keep it that way when you’re not.  Adding a “smart thermostat” to your home is easy and will start saving you money right away.  Coming home on a hot day?  Just set the temperature to start cooling ahead of time with the simple tap of a button on your mobile phone.

Quick, easy – and very affordable.  Get it installed, with the app, for less than $399.  Check it out at


Happy Memorial Day

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Wishing you and your families/friends a very restful and enjoyable holiday weekend.  We pay tribute to those who have sacrificed through the years.

The LiveSmart Team

On-Demand Heated Water

Here’s a clever idea from a recent LiveSmart customer…

They have a tankless water heater which provides hot water within 10 secs of “being turned on”.  That’s great – but the tankless system itself has to be powered on all the time – or be set to turn on at certain times.  All good, except…

They don’t always know when they need hot water.  So how about a way to turn it on and off “on demand”?  With either a button on the LiveSmart app – or – a physical button mounted in the kitchen or bathroom, the hot water comes on fast.  When finished, just turn it off.

They no longer have to set up a schedule or climb up on a ladder to the system to turn the system on and off.  What a benefit.

Cost – about $300.  Implementation – easy.  Time savings – immeasurably good.

Say Hello to Good-Night

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Ending the day should be easy.  With a single button you can turn off all lights, lock all doors and adjust the thermostat to your liking.  This could include appliances too – such as the TV, radio or anything else that is “plugged in”.  One single tap on your mobile device and it’s done.  You tell us what you want…we take care of the rest.  Easy.