Say Hello to Good-Night

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Ending the day should be easy.  With a single button you can turn off all lights, lock all doors and adjust the thermostat to your liking.  This could include appliances too – such as the TV, radio or anything else that is “plugged in”.  One single tap on your mobile device and it’s done.  You tell us what you want…we take care of the rest.  Easy.


Home Automation is Hip

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We have been telling you that home automation is all about “living smart” – which it is.  Did you know that it’s also considered “hip”.  Having a system like this puts you in charge and keeps you connected with the important things in your home or business.  You will have fun showing it off at work, with family or at parties.  “Watch what I can do…”.

Our new ‘app’ is even easier to use and more stylish.  Things are summarized at the Dashboard level with easy access to everything you need.  Change the thermostat…tap.  Lock the door…tap.  Turn on some lights…tap, tap.  See all the actions in a simple Event History screen.

You’ve been hearing about smart home stuff.  It has been the wave of the future and now it’s here.  Let us show you how you can use it.  Live simple, Live safe, Live smart.



Happy Birthday, America

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We at LiveSmart want to wish you and your families a joyous and restful July 4!

         Gary Russell – Founder/President, LiveSmart Technologies

Save Energy on Lights, Fans and Appliances

In our last post, we talked about saving energy and staying comfortable with remote control of your thermostat.  But that’s not all you can do with a LiveSmart system.  You can also control the lights and fans in your home (or business).  Keep those lights off when not needed and turn them on with a “tap” of a button – from anywhere you are connected to the Internet.  You can also do the same with electric fans and other appliances.  Get things going just in time or turn them off when not needed.  Forget to do it before you left the house?  No problem…just do it later from the App.

Simple, very affordable…and smart.

Summer is Coming – Stay Cool

We all have experienced it.  You leave the house for the day, weekend or longer.  It’s hot but you don’t want to waste the air conditioning when no one is home.  Then you come back and it’s blazing hot.  You wish you could have started cooling it off on your way so it’s nice when you arrive.

Now you can.  With a touch of a button on your mobile device, you can adjust the thermostat and watch the temperature drop off as you approach the house.  All cool, all easy…and all affordable.

Control Your Environment and Save

Just a few items can make a difference on Return on Investment (ROI).  With a thermostat, a few light switches or appliance modules, you will begin to see your utilities bills go down.  You will control exactly when the lights or heat are on even when away from home.  It’s easy – and fun!.  It puts you in control of your environment, not the other way around.  Simple, personalized and very affordable….especially with $100 off during the month of Feb!

$100 Off Energy Savings Packages in Feb

At LiveSmart, we are having a promotion during the month of February.  The focus is on “energy savings” whereby you can control your thermostat, lights, fans and appliances with programmed schedules and/or remote control from your iPhone or iPad.  To help get you started, we are offering $100 off any package which includes installation, set up and the App.  And remember – no monthly fees after that!

Saving Energy

In addition to providing security for your home and business, the LiveSmart system also saves you money and keeps you comfortable.  You can control your thermostat setting and temperature remotely…from just about anywhere.  You can also also turn on/off lights remotely and set those on a programmed schedule as well.  All simple, all affordable and all personalized…as always.  We’ll explore each of these in more detail in future posts.

Home Automation is Very Affordable

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Many times we hear that people associate home automation with “expensive” or “only for upper end homes”.  Really not true.  Having a smart home system no longer needs to cost you thousands of dollars.  LiveSmart offers state-of-the-art products at very affordable rates and will work within your unique budget.  Get started with a home automation or security system for as little as $400.  You can then add on later.

Multiple Uses, One App

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In the coming days, we will be sharing the multiple ways you can use LiveSmart in your home and business.  This will range from cooling your home before you arrive, to getting “arrival notifications” for loved ones or employees, to securing the perimeter of your home or building.  Varied uses, perhaps – but all with one convenient and easy-to-use “app” on your iPhone or iPad.

Not sure exactly what you’ll need?  No worries, the LiveSmart app grows with your needs and budget.  Start with just one or two things – and add on later.  We’ll show you how.