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On-Demand Heated Water

Here’s a clever idea from a recent LiveSmart customer… They have a tankless water heater which provides hot water within 10 secs of “being turned on”.  That’s great – but the tankless system itself has to be powered on all the time – or be set to turn on at certain times.  All good, except… […]

Ever Need to Reboot the Router?

                             We all have. Maybe you just do it yourself. Maybe tech support tells you to. But what if it just did it automatically – or – with a tap of a button on your app? It’s doable. No more reaching behind […]

Who Needs Keys?

Ever leave the house and wonder if you remembered your keys?  Ever have to leave a key under the mat for someone?  We’ve all been there – but don’t have to be any longer.  Keyless locks are available to make this all a thing of the past. Instead, you get a lock (either the handle […]

“Alexa – turn on the kitchen light”

Coming home from a long day, your arms filled with groceries, it’s dark and you need the light on to set the groceries down – but have no hands available.  “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light”.  She says “ok” at the same time the light is on.  Groceries are laid down, put away and then […]

Security Cameras

There is a lot of interest in security cameras and the benefits they offer.  Let’s try to unpack some things regarding wired vs. wireless: Wired:  Wired cameras are best for outdoors and high reliability indoor applications (such as a business).  They get wired into the DVR (also called Network Video Recorder or NVR) and record […]

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Say Hello to Good-Night

Ending the day should be easy.  With a single button you can turn off all lights, lock all doors and adjust the thermostat to your liking.  This could include appliances too – such as the TV, radio or anything else that is “plugged in”.  One single tap on your mobile device and it’s done.  You […]

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Home Automation is Hip

We have been telling you that home automation is all about “living smart” – which it is.  Did you know that it’s also considered “hip”.  Having a system like this puts you in charge and keeps you connected with the important things in your home or business.  You will have fun showing it off at […]

Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems are an effective way to protect your home and family.  Video up to 4 weeks is stored on the DVR (also called a Network Video Recorder or NVR) and can easily be accessed and played back.  You can also view live streams on your mobile devices – iPads, iPhones and Androids are […]