Cool the House Automatically

Our focus on energy savings continues with a nifty idea to have fans come on automatically based on the environment.  Here’s how it works:  We simply monitor the outside temperature (based on your zip code) and your inside temperature (based on the thermostat).  When the outside temp drops below the inside temp, the fan comes on to draw the outside air in and circulate through the house.  We can even check to ensure a few windows are open to draw in the outside air before activating the fan.

Pretty cool (so to speak) and not very expensive.  We’ll put a special package together for you.  Check it out at

Beat The Heat

Summer is here and it’s getting hot.  You want your home cool when you’re there but don’t want to spend extra dollars to keep it that way when you’re not.  Adding a “smart thermostat” to your home is easy and will start saving you money right away.  Coming home on a hot day?  Just set the temperature to start cooling ahead of time with the simple tap of a button on your mobile phone.

Quick, easy – and very affordable.  Get it installed, with the app, for less than $399.  Check it out at