Happy Memorial Day

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Wishing you and your families/friends a very restful and enjoyable holiday weekend.  We pay tribute to those who have sacrificed through the years.

The LiveSmart Team

On-Demand Heated Water

Here’s a clever idea from a recent LiveSmart customer…

They have a tankless water heater which provides hot water within 10 secs of “being turned on”.  That’s great – but the tankless system itself has to be powered on all the time – or be set to turn on at certain times.  All good, except…

They don’t always know when they need hot water.  So how about a way to turn it on and off “on demand”?  With either a button on the LiveSmart app – or – a physical button mounted in the kitchen or bathroom, the hot water comes on fast.  When finished, just turn it off.

They no longer have to set up a schedule or climb up on a ladder to the system to turn the system on and off.  What a benefit.

Cost – about $300.  Implementation – easy.  Time savings – immeasurably good.