Who Needs Keys?

Ever leave the house and wonder if you remembered your keys?  Ever have to leave a key under the mat for someone?  We’ve all been there – but don’t have to be any longer.  Keyless locks are available to make this all a thing of the past. Instead, you get a lock (either the handle or the deadbolt part – shown here) with numerical keypad and keys are no longer required.  Just punch in your 4-digit code, and presto, the door unlocks.

You can set up codes for each member of the family (or business) and receive text messages or e-mails when they arrive.  You can even do temporary codes for guest workers.  Lock and unlock the door remotely from your smart app in case you need to let someone in or ensure the house is secured.  No hassle and simple.  So go ahead and pitch those keys.

“Alexa – turn on the kitchen light”

Coming home from a long day, your arms filled with groceries, it’s dark and you need the light on to set the groceries down – but have no hands available.  “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light”.  She says “ok” at the same time the light is on.  Groceries are laid down, put away and then a glass of chardonnay awaits.  Smart…and now available.

With a home automation system installed, you can add Alexa as a voice overlay.  Turn on/off lights, raise/lower the shades, turn on the TV or radio and lock the doors – all with your voice.  This is in addition to all the other great things you can do with Amazon’s Alexa – check the temperature, play the news, check the game scores and learn interesting facts.

LiveSmart and Alexa and made for each other!

Security Cameras

There is a lot of interest in security cameras and the benefits they offer.  Let’s try to unpack some things regarding wired vs. wireless:

Wired:  Wired cameras are best for outdoors and high reliability indoor applications (such as a business).  They get wired into the DVR (also called Network Video Recorder or NVR) and record the video for playback later.  They are a bit more expensive for this reason and also require running of the cables (usually Ethernet lines) from each camera to the location of the NVR.  They also allow you to view the live images in real time on your mobile device such as an Android, iPhone or iPad.

Wireless:  Wireless cameras are usually WiFi and great for simple applications around the house such as a baby’s room or garage.  They are subject to radio frequency (RF) interference just like other WiFi devices.  However, they are easy to set up and configure.  Like a full-up wired system, they also can be viewed on the mobile devices.

Within each category are a variety of specs such as HD, 4k cameras and 6TB DVRs.   The important part is to get a system that meets your needs which really depends on the application.  We can explain the trade-offs and guide you on pricing.  We also install both kinds of systems and walk you through how to use them.  Contact us at livesmarttech.com or 714-505-1008 for a free consultation.

Say Hello to Good-Night

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Ending the day should be easy.  With a single button you can turn off all lights, lock all doors and adjust the thermostat to your liking.  This could include appliances too – such as the TV, radio or anything else that is “plugged in”.  One single tap on your mobile device and it’s done.  You tell us what you want…we take care of the rest.  Easy.