Just 4 Fun

We have been writing about some important topics recently…security, energy savings and preserving independent living.  Pretty important and serious stuff where home automation can play an important part of our lives.  However, the same technology can be used for convenience and fun.  During the month of April we’ll be telling you how.  Just like the other segments, using home automation for convenience and fun is affordable too.

Simple is Best

Sometimes a picture is best to convey meaning.  This simple button can be used by seniors living in their own home to turn on/off a light switch, appliance or request someone call them.  It can sit by their bedside or be mounted to a convenient wall.  Imagine this scenario:  Mom or Dad wants to go to sleep.  The don’t like walking in the dark or in total silence until they are safely tucked in.  They leave the necessary lights on, maybe even the TV or radio too.  They brush their teeth, climb into bed and push this soft button.  All lights go off as well as the TV or radio.  You get a text message that “all is secure for the night”.  Simple – and quite affordable.

Independence Is Smart

The month of March is Independent Living here at LiveSmart.  Concerned about an elderly or handicapped loved one?  We can help.  A simple system that lets you see the temperature, light levels or humidity in their home could set your mind at ease.  And for them, how about a simple large button that turns off a light at bedtime or maybe theTV?  Maybe just sending you an e-mail or text to call them…easy and very affordable.

Promoting Independence

The same technology that is used for security and energy conservation can be used to help us live independently in our homes as we age.  Simple motion detectors, thermostats and easy-to-use locks can make living alone easier.  LiveSmart can even provide a simple button that automates several functions at once…locking the doors, turning off the lights and adjusting the thermostat.  If desired, a far-away loved one can receive an “all secure” text message each night at the same time.  A little peace of mind goes a long way.

We are all on the road of “Spectrum of Independence”.  By implementing simple things at first to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, we can be ready with additional support to help us live independently later.  We’ll discuss this further in future posts.

Control Your Environment and Save

Just a few items can make a difference on Return on Investment (ROI).  With a thermostat, a few light switches or appliance modules, you will begin to see your utilities bills go down.  You will control exactly when the lights or heat are on even when away from home.  It’s easy – and fun!.  It puts you in control of your environment, not the other way around.  Simple, personalized and very affordable….especially with $100 off during the month of Feb!

$100 Off Energy Savings Packages in Feb

At LiveSmart, we are having a promotion during the month of February.  The focus is on “energy savings” whereby you can control your thermostat, lights, fans and appliances with programmed schedules and/or remote control from your iPhone or iPad.  To help get you started, we are offering $100 off any package which includes installation, set up and the App.  And remember – no monthly fees after that!

Saving Energy

In addition to providing security for your home and business, the LiveSmart system also saves you money and keeps you comfortable.  You can control your thermostat setting and temperature remotely…from just about anywhere.  You can also also turn on/off lights remotely and set those on a programmed schedule as well.  All simple, all affordable and all personalized…as always.  We’ll explore each of these in more detail in future posts.

Home Automation is Very Affordable

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Many times we hear that people associate home automation with “expensive” or “only for upper end homes”.  Really not true.  Having a smart home system no longer needs to cost you thousands of dollars.  LiveSmart offers state-of-the-art products at very affordable rates and will work within your unique budget.  Get started with a home automation or security system for as little as $400.  You can then add on later.

Security = Peace of Mind

Security does not have to mean an expensive monitored system.  It can be as simple as a few door/window sensors and a keyless door lock.  If someone enters the home or business without the proper code, then you are alerted with a notification and a siren is sounded.  Simple, yet effective…and very affordable.  Get some security and have some peace of mind.

Affordable Security – $100 Off Any Package

To introduce LiveSmart to the community, we are offering a special of $100 off any security package.  Whether you want a full video surveillance system or a simple perimeter intrusion system, we will install, configure and provide you the monitoring station with remote access on your Smartphone.  Whatever you choose, it will be $100 off the normal price!  As always, you can start small and add on later.