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Home Automation is Hip

We have been telling you that home automation is all about “living smart” – which it is.  Did you know that it’s also considered “hip”.  Having a system like this puts you in charge and keeps you connected with the important things in your home or business.  You will have fun showing it off at […]

Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems are an effective way to protect your home and family.  Video up to 4 weeks is stored on the DVR (also called a Network Video Recorder or NVR) and can easily be accessed and played back.  You can also view live streams on your mobile devices – iPads, iPhones and Androids are […]

Save Energy on Lights, Fans and Appliances

In our last post, we talked about saving energy and staying comfortable with remote control of your thermostat.  But that’s not all you can do with a LiveSmart system.  You can also control the lights and fans in your home (or business).  Keep those lights off when not needed and turn them on with a […]

Summer is Coming – Stay Cool

We all have experienced it.  You leave the house for the day, weekend or longer.  It’s hot but you don’t want to waste the air conditioning when no one is home.  Then you come back and it’s blazing hot.  You wish you could have started cooling it off on your way so it’s nice when […]